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5 Amazing Natural Kratom Potentiators

Kratom works in line with numerous natural herbs, spices for the benefit of its users, and keep them living a well-minded life. A number of users agree that a potent Kratom powder is a better kratom powder. Potentiators help the kratom powder to last for a longer time than usual and give the desired extra kick. The following are some of the best natural kratom Potentiators:


Turmeric is among the community’s favorite potentiators. It has a characteristic of making the biggest boosts in their Kratom dosage every time people use it. This Indian spice does all one needs to help the kratom powder last longer in the body or on the cupboard shelf.


Grapefruit is a wonderful strengthener. It is an effective potentiator because of its enzyme’s ability to break down substances such as kratom. By doing this, grapefruits allow more kratom to stay in the body for longer time because of the breaking down of the kratom. You can use a grapefruit alone or take a glass of grapefruit juice.

Chamomile Tea

This tea aids the enhancement of relaxation effects of kratom. Chamomile tea is among the most famous potentiators of kratom powder and numerous people use it to establish lengthier experience each dose.

Akuamma Seed

This seed is a bit bigger than the thumbnail and about as sturdy as a stone. You must first grind the seeds for potency to take effect. Take together with your kratom dose. It is a little bitter and its effects are stronger.

Cayenne Pepper

You can enhance the potency and efficiency of kratom by help of cayenne pepper. It is a unique kind of pepper that is hot and can cleanse and detox one’s body. It has the ability to increase the potency and effect of kratom. You can prepare it by mixing powder with cayenne pepper thus increasing its spiciness.

Cayenne can also help in saliva production that is crucial in digestion. Furthermore, it helps in relieving joint pain and in weight loss. Mixing cayenne with Kratom also brings about therapeutic properties and effectiveness in cleansing regimes.


Many people prefer watercress, a unique potentiator due to the extra enhancing power it has. It is a great ultra-hydrating lettuce but potentiates the effect when you mix it with kratom. Being an aquatic plant, it is green and leafy hence it always combines well with kratom.


There are numerous teas, spices and herbs that one may use together with kratom powder to increase its strength. The above natural potentiators have proved favorable in increasing the potency and effect of kratom when users mix them. The dosage is also an important factor to consider as it determines the effect of the kratom on the body.