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Buy Kratom Wisely To Help Prevent Prohibition

Unless you’re brand new to the kratom scene or pay little attention to the news, every so gradually more and more states, districts, and municipalities are banning kratom. While still legal in most places it is a worrying encroachment on our freedom to enjoy the many benefits of this amazing plant. So, apart from manning the barricades (don’t do that) what can you do to help prevent this? Easy. Only buy your kratom from sources/suppliers who perform FDA standard lab testing for contaminants.

Why Is Kratom Being Prohibited/Victimized?

As usual, misinformation and prejudice are the motivation behind calls for kratom to be banned at a federal level. We’re hopefully a fair distance away from such a catastrophe, but unless action is taken now it is a very real risk to your right to enjoy and buy kratom.


The argument that has so far been most prominent is that kratom is unsafe for human consumption. The benign effect it offers is not really an issue – if it were they ought to be looking to ban coffee! Instead, the finger is pointed at the fact the crop has to be imported from countries which fall far short of the exacting standards set by the FDA. Traces of feces, e-Coli, lead and aggressive pesticides have been detected in testing a small percentage of certain batches.

In typical draconian fashion, the attitude seems to be that if it happens once in a thousand then the whole market ought to be shut down! That is the unfortunate reality – so what can we do about it?

Press Suppliers To Adhere To Standards

A growing number of the big name online companies are starting to make the integrity and quality of their product one of their most important selling points. Quite rightly too – I mean, who wants traces of feces in their morning cup of Green Malay? But this is far from universal, and quite possibly just claiming it to be clean isn’t enough to satisfy the suits and white coats at the FDA.

Therefore only buy kratom from suppliers who have genuine certification that their product is safe for human consumption! If enough people do this, it will become an industry norm and then there will be nothing to worry about. Who knows, perhaps further down the line the poor souls in the likes of Vermont and Indiana may be able to legally source their kratom again.

Watch out for false certification. Any company that is busted for this ought to be blacklisted across the community forums. Never forget that kratom vendors are businesses and if people take a serious interest in the quality of their cleanliness and purity then it will become the norm.

The only problem with this is that smaller – but legitimate – specialists who are often the best places to buy kratom from, may not be able to afford the cost of these tests. If that is the case, pass on the cost to the consumer. Most kratom users will be more than happy to pay a few dollars extra to continue enjoying this wonderful plant safely and legally.