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October 20, 2018 0 Comments Kratom

Kratom As An Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Every day we have attacked my hundreds of hostile microorganisms that mean us harm. Our immune systems fight them off every day; unfortunately, our immune systems are not always fit for fighting various microorganisms, especially during winter, or epidemics (flu for example), or when the microorganisms are too harsh to fight with (staphylococci etc.). When our organisms are faced with a dangerous pathogen then a biological reaction takes place which is called inflammation.

Inflammation is a protective response of immune cells, blood vessels and molecular (inflammatory) mediators which purpose is to eliminate the primary cause of cell injury. The 5 main classic signs of every inflammation are:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Heat
  • Pain
  • Loss of function

Nevertheless, in some cases, this protective response of the organism can bring a lot of harm. When the inflammation is acute and happens during a short period, it eliminates hostile pathogens together with destroying a part infected tissue (as it is a very aggressive reaction) and leads to the survival of the organism. On the other hand, chronic inflammation may lead to host diseases (atherosclerosis, cancer etc.) and damage a lot of tissue ending up creating serious problems.

That is the reason every physician fights to eliminate the threat along with the inflammation in his patient and avoid too much cell damage.

What are the hidden mechanisms of action?

There is a wide range of expensive medicaments that can help us deal with inflammation, but Kratom is a more natural and a quite cheap and very good way to get rid of inflammation, both caused from an illness or post-traumatic origins.

Experiments have been conducted in vivo using carrageenan-induced paw edema tests in mice, so to prove the anti-inflammatory effects of Kratom. The results were amazing and showed that Kratom dramatically suppressed the development of carrageenan-induced rat paw edema. Scientists found that maximum anti-inflammatory effect can be achieved in doses as low as 300mg per 1kg, which proved that it is a very potent and cheap way of managing inflammation.

Researchers came to the conclusion that the anti-inflammatory effect could be due to the inhibition of cyclooxygenase, which results to the inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis which results from a combination of inhibition of pro-inflammatory mediator release and vascular permeability in addition to enhanced immunity, stimulation of tissue repair and healing processes. That means that Kratom can effectively manage inflammation and also that its mechanism of work is many alike other inflammatory drugs, but can be more potent in lower doses.

What are the best types and which doses should you take?

The best types are the most potent types- red strains:

  • Red Bali kratom
  • Red Indo Kratom
  • Green Malay kratom
  • Borneo kratom

The recommended kratom dosage, that scientists came up with (as stated earlier) is 300gr per kg of mass. But beware if you are using more than 15-17gr, especially; if you are a newbie you may experience unpleasant side-effects.

Strength and conditions

The red vein types are very potent and full of alkaloids that will help you deal with inflammation. You can use them in any condition that is escorted by inflammation, both infectious and post-traumatic.

But keep in mind: if you have a serious chronic inflammation, you can use Kratom but MUST visit the doctor, in order to avoid serious health problems, as the herb may not help you completely deal with serious chronic inflammation.

July 19, 2018 0 Comments Kratom

How to take OPMS Kratom

OPMS (Organically Purified Mitragyna Speciosa) is a natural product whose unique cold process extraction has pushed it to be a leader among other products in the Kratom spectrum. OPMS gold is an extract and not powdered, setting it apart from other Kratom produces. It is among the top Kratom products for five years since 2013, according to ratings. The product is so high-quality that the suppliers offer a full refund if a buyer experiences any disappointment.

Extraction process

The leaves are used to extract the product either by boiling it in hot water or using a solvent. However, with the advance in technology, the extraction process has evolved, and instead of using hot water, it now uses cold water combined with high pressure, a process referred to as cold process extraction. This method is more effective in that it preserves the alkaloids in the leaves translating into a more useful product. The primary alkaloid is 7-hydroxymitragynine which the process isolates instead of extracting all the alkaloids in the plant.

Effects of OPMS gold Kratom

The product can be used to bring forth many benefits including reducing swelling with its anti-inflammation properties. It makes an individual gets revitalized without causing any jittery feeling whatsoever. OPMS gold enables the user to maintain high levels of concentration with its ability to increase mental focus and clarity.

Conditions to treat with OPMS gold Kratom

This product is beneficial for relieving pain associated with menstrual cramps, headaches, migraines and even chronic pain due to operations or injuries. It is also useful in reducing your risk of heart attacks by bringing down the cholesterol levels and regulating blood pressure. Diabetic patients will benefit from its ability to control blood sugar levels while those who have chronic fatigue syndrome will alleviate the problem by taking the extract.

How to take it

Just like with all other Kratom products, the OPMS gold users should begin taking it in small amounts of one gram, which is usually in 2 capsules. However, each person is different, and therefore the body reacts differently. If you do not obtain the effect you need, you can increase the dosage until you acquire the desired results.

Get your value for money

It is essential to note that the quality of the product will also affect the dosage you need since counterfeit products are not potent enough to lead in desirable effects. It is, therefore, crucial to buy from trusted suppliers. Genuine OPMS gold Kratom has packages with serial and count numbers on the front, in black ink. The capsules have three leaves and OPMS logo, in purple ink.

Banning of Kratom products

Some states such as Tennessee, Indiana, and Vermont have banned some of Kratom alkaloid ingredients, which are 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. They, however, did not ban Kratom, so it is recommendable to purchase authentic products.

July 11, 2018 0 Comments Kratom

5 Amazing Natural Kratom Potentiators

Kratom works in line with numerous natural herbs, spices for the benefit of its users, and keep them living a well-minded life. A number of users agree that a potent Kratom powder is a better kratom powder. Potentiators help the kratom powder to last for a longer time than usual and give the desired extra kick. The following are some of the best natural kratom Potentiators:


Turmeric is among the community’s favorite potentiators. It has a characteristic of making the biggest boosts in their Kratom dosage every time people use it. This Indian spice does all one needs to help the kratom powder last longer in the body or on the cupboard shelf.


Grapefruit is a wonderful strengthener. It is an effective potentiator because of its enzyme’s ability to break down substances such as kratom. By doing this, grapefruits allow more kratom to stay in the body for longer time because of the breaking down of the kratom. You can use a grapefruit alone or take a glass of grapefruit juice.

Chamomile Tea

This tea aids the enhancement of relaxation effects of kratom. Chamomile tea is among the most famous potentiators of kratom powder and numerous people use it to establish lengthier experience each dose.

Akuamma Seed

This seed is a bit bigger than the thumbnail and about as sturdy as a stone. You must first grind the seeds for potency to take effect. Take together with your kratom dose. It is a little bitter and its effects are stronger.

Cayenne Pepper

You can enhance the potency and efficiency of kratom by help of cayenne pepper. It is a unique kind of pepper that is hot and can cleanse and detox one’s body. It has the ability to increase the potency and effect of kratom. You can prepare it by mixing powder with cayenne pepper thus increasing its spiciness.

Cayenne can also help in saliva production that is crucial in digestion. Furthermore, it helps in relieving joint pain and in weight loss. Mixing cayenne with Kratom also brings about therapeutic properties and effectiveness in cleansing regimes.


Many people prefer watercress, a unique potentiator due to the extra enhancing power it has. It is a great ultra-hydrating lettuce but potentiates the effect when you mix it with kratom. Being an aquatic plant, it is green and leafy hence it always combines well with kratom.


There are numerous teas, spices and herbs that one may use together with kratom powder to increase its strength. The above natural potentiators have proved favorable in increasing the potency and effect of kratom when users mix them. The dosage is also an important factor to consider as it determines the effect of the kratom on the body.